StringPin Pinsetter

All string pinsetters are not created equal. The StringPin® pinsetter provides professional-grade reliability, exceptional ease of use, the best pin action in the industry, and improved customer experience, all at a lower cost with far less maintenance required.
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The simplicity of the Brunswick StringPin pinsetter makes it extremely versatile. The “strings” used to control the pins aren’t really strings. Made from heavy-duty black nylon cord, the “strings” blend in with the background, making them practically invisible. It is lightweight—weighing 25% less than traditional pinsetters—and compact enough to fit in many residential homes and basements, yet so durable it can be used in busy commercial environments.

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Easy, Economical & Efficient

The simple design of the StringPin pinsetter makes it easy to operate and economical to maintain. With fewer parts and adjustments compared to traditional pinsetters, Stringpin does not require a specialized mechanic. The efficiency of the StringPin pinsetter can’t be beaten. It operates on one 3-phase motor per machine, which runs only as needed and comes standard with a white/UV LED pin deck light.

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Epicenter: Authentic Bowling in Any Space

No mini-bowling or arcade-like versions here. For spaces that can't accommodate traditional lanes, Brunswick brings the space-saving solutions of Epicenter. With reduced length lanes and a StringPin pinsetter, Epicenter's authentic bowling experience is available for resorts, restaurants, and bars to differentiate themselves and boost food and beverage sales and increase group events.

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