Brunswick’s StringPin is the world’s most versatile commercial-grade string pinsetter. The industry leader in pinsetter performance and reliability, Brunswick engineered StringPin to be the most reliable, economical, and easy-to-operate machine available, and the only one with the ability to upgrade to meet centers’ evolving needs.
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The Choice of Champions

“The rest of the world is just beginning to understand the benefits of string pinsetter technology. I believe Brunswick Stringpin is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an easier alternative to the more expensive, higher maintenance, and more complex free-falling pinsetters."

—Paul Klempa, University of Nebraska, head coach

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Simple to Operate

StringPin is easy to operate, featuring a simple design with fewer moving parts, a touchscreen with intuitive user-interface, and state-of-the-art safety features. It’s so easy to use that it can be operated and maintained by any staff member.

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StringPin lets you redeploy your mechanic to focus on other priorities. StringPin uses three-phase power and smart technology that only runs motors when needed, so it uses less energy (and costs less to run). Having fewer parts to inventory further reduces your cost of ownership.

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StringPin is exceptionally reliable, with a self-detangling mode that allows for less downtime. Spare parts can be easily replaced onsite.

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Enhanced Guest Experience

Realistic pin action and consistent scoring enhance guest satisfaction. Strings blend in with background, further contributing to an exceptional bowling experience. Brunswick’s exclusive on-demand pin setting feature lets bowlers enjoy games and league training features that require complex pin arrangements. StringPin meets International Bowling Federation specifications for sport leagues and competitive tournament play worldwide.

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Approved for Tournament Play

Brunswick StringPin meets International Bowling Federation (IBF) specifications. This includes specifications related to kickback, kickback plates, pin deck, pins, gutter, and installation. The IBF announced in November 2021 that it has approved string pin technology for sport leagues and competitive tournament play worldwide. After careful study, the IBF concluded that string machines help proprietors address multiple business challenges, including keeping experienced maintenance technicians on staff, high equipment costs, and machine reliability concerns. The IBF also reported that bowling averages on string machines are very close to those bowled on freefall machines and that string machines do not give the bowler any significant scoring advantage.

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Future-Proof Technology

The 360 Controller provides real-time machine setting control and troubleshooting with a touchscreen system and user interface that’s easy to use, powerful, and versatile. Seamless integration with the Sync® scoring and management system and the Brunswick Cloud take center operations and maintenance to the next level.

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Backed by the Best in the Business

StringPin pinsetters are backed by installation, training, service and warranty from the biggest name in bowling. Brunswick products are installed by skilled, authorized installers who are provided with continuous installation training, held to stringent guidelines, and subject to random quality audits to ensure that each installation meets the industry-leading standards of Brunswick. The rock-solid Brunswick warranty provides the ultimate peace of mind.

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