The Envoy is a state-of-the-art system centered around your needs. Today’s center requires an intelligent machine that is so simple to operate that a new employee can run the lanes. Envoy has everything your center needs, and the ability to create any shot your bowlers expect. It is truly a system centered around you.
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Unrivaled Consistency with Direct+ Conditioning

When you talk about lane maintenance, you’re only as good as your conditioning system – and Brunswick lane machines deliver industry-leading performance. With the accuracy competitive bowlers have come to expect, Brunswick’s Direct+ system provides individual board-by-board application for superior pattern consistency. That’s why it’s been used for every PBA Pro Tour tournament since 2006. Direct+ applies conditioner simultaneously across the entire lane through 39 individually controlled Accu-ject injectors. Direct-to-lane application for each board provides unmatched consistency – no zigzags or multi-component transfer systems to blur the results.

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Intuitive Programming with the Graphical User Interface

What good are great pattern options if you can’t figure out how they work? The Envoy features a Graphical User Interface (GUI), making programming a breeze. The easy-to-read GUI displays battery voltage, charging status and more. It even assists with troubleshooting through an easy diagnostic program. Color graphics display each pattern’s programmed zones and oil levels.

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A Clean Slate with the V-Scrub System

When it comes to lane performance, cleaning is a big part of the equation. With Envoy, machine speed is selected to optimize cleaning. Its four cleaner nozzles are 50% larger to resist clogging. The unique V-shaped squeegee head guides waste for quick, efficient pick-up. Even our absorbent wiper rotates and the squeegee blades flip to allow for multiple uses and reduced maintenance/operating costs.

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Adapting To Your Center with FlexPower

Simply put, Envoy delivers state-of-the-art power performance that can’t be rivaled. With multiple battery and AC power options, this system provides primary and supplemental power you can always depend on. Our AGM batteries cover a minimum of 32 lanes with a single charge while the Lithium batteries can handle 60 lanes between charges. Whether you’re hosting a big tournament or just a heavy league day, with FlexPower, you are always ready to roll.

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