Computer Lane Monitor System™

Computer Lane Monitor System reduces maintenance time and human error.

Features and Benefits

  • System includes all components of Computer Lane Monitor Optical Reader, Lane Monitor Recorder, Calibration Kit, UV Pick-Up Tape and White Marking Tape
  • Based on the computerized Optical Reader, this system takes the guesswork out of reading tapes and provides immediate, accurate feedback
  • Windows® software provides more detailed analysis including 3-D graphics (IBM® compatibility required)
  • Measure newly conditioned lanes, as well as changes in lane conditions, such as oil depletion and carry-down
  • Keep bowlers satisfied by ensuring that lane conditions are the same from lane to lane and week to week
  • Verify lanes are in compliance with USBC® and World Bowling conditioning rules
  • The lane monitor system requires use of a lane conditioner containing USBC specified UV additive

Part Numbers

61-860226-600 - (110 V)
61-860226-620 - (220 V)

System includes:

61-100057-000 - (White Label Tape)
- (UV Pick-Up Tape)
- (Calibration Kit)
- (Lane Recorder)
- (Computer Lane Reader, 110V)
- (Computer Lane Reader, 220V)


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