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Formula 45™

Value Lane Conditioner

Formula 45 uses a special blend of oils with an enhanced additive package to create a low lubricity conditioner that gives predictable and strong ball reaction. It has been optimized for low friction, synthetic lane surfaces. It can be used with Brunswick Direct+ conditioning system and Sanction technology machines.

Features and Benefits

  • 45.0 viscosity
  • 25.0 surface tension
  • Resists breakdown
  • Not recommended for wick or pad machines

Easily removed by all Brunswick lane cleaners.
ThroBot approved.
USBC approved.

Part Numbers

62-860174-005 - (4 x 1.25 Gallons)

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Formula 45 Safety Data Sheet

Global Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) Safety Data Sheet. Information is made available in PDF format. Languages available for the European Union (EU) and North America (NA).

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