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Sync Advanced Technology

A revolutionary system that performs function after function much more quickly, easily, and powerfully.

The world has come light years since the days Brunswick virtually reinvented the bowling business by introducing the first automatic scoring system and most advanced automated pinsetters. Now Sync has rocketed the industry forward again, with the most advanced and capable scoring and management system ever offered. Brunswick designed Sync from the ground up, incorporating many hardware and software technologies that weren’t even imaginable just a few years ago. The result is a revolutionary system that performs function after function much more quickly, easily, and powerfully.

Sync Enterprise Level Services-0

Enterprise Level Functionality

By leveraging the enterprise-level services and functionality available in Sync, centers of all different types can use powerful tools to manage marketing and product offerings from their center, their home, or wherever they have access to the cloud. With innovative technology and functionality, centers can run their operations like an enterprise.

Sync Brunswick Cloud-0

Brunswick Cloud

Add Sync to the list of leading-edge applications that run in the cloud. Sync stores its marketing tools and your customer databases on a server, feeding data at lightning speed via an Internet connection. Benefits include: more seamless integration between system functions/modes, the added security of protecting vital customer data from loss due to catastrophic events at your center (e.g., fire/flooding), and accessing data and marketing tools from anywhere at any time. Sync is all-new to its core, freeing it from constraints imposed by older hardware components and software.

Sync Distributed Architect-0

Patented, Distributed Architecture

Sync is designed to connect bowlers, equipment, and staff across an Internet-enabled network. This exclusive architecture works to lower system hardware costs, provide backup, and make your entire center run more smoothly.

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Proactive Maintenance

Data is power (and profits) when harnessed by Sync. Sync provides invaluable alerts for everything from unusually high pinsetter errors (napping mechanic?) to too many manager overrides (potential fraud?). Sync even provides you with bimonthly reports to let you know how your center is performing compared to others, nudging you to review your marketing strategy to meet your goals.

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