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Reset. Reconnect. Reopen.

Bowling is more than a business — it’s our life. And we know it’s yours too. Just as we have for the past 130 years, Brunswick is partnering with the most innovative minds in the industry to develop strategic business solutions that empower our customers to succeed. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive collection of resources to ensure your business is ready for the return of bowling.

Prepare your center

Restoring Power to Your Brunswick Equipment


Cleaning procedures for bowling center equipment


National Restaurant Association Reopening Guideline

National Restaurant Association

OSHA Guidance for Preparing Workplaces


Diversey Restaurant Cleaning Protocol


Protect your People, Clean and Disinfect



Can employees refuse a recall to work and still collect unemployment?


Back to Work Checklist


Sample Memo Employee Health Screening Procedures



Strike Ten Entertainment Videos to Welcome Customers Back

Welcome Customers Back Video

Proper Handwashing Poster


LeaguePals Resources to Rebuild Your Leagues

Rebuild Your Leagues

We're in This Together

Brunswick is pleased to offer the following assistance to our loyal customers, as you prepare to reopen:

  • Extended Pro Shop Rebate Programs
  • Three months of complimentary Brunswick Tech Support
  • Access to our Advanced Marketing subscription for three months at no charge

Digital: Good, Clean Fun PSA Assets - Domestic


Digital: Good, Clean Fun PSA Assets - International


Print: Good, Clean Fun PSA Assets - English Language


Print: Good, Clean Fun PSA Background Assets Only – International


Sync Prima Webinar : Socially Responsible Events

The end of the year generally represents a large revenue opportunity for events, but we all know this year looks a little bit different. One of the biggest challenges we face is that restrictions are constantly evolving, each state has different rules, there isn’t a one size fits all formula for managing events in today’s environment.

Let's take a deep dive on how to manage the all-important “event season” by thinking creatively, leveraging technology, and how to successfully pivot, implement and plan socially responsible events. This webinar will get your creative juices on how you can profitably navigate this age of uncertainty.

Technology: The Pathway to Consumer Confidence

The COVID-19 public health crisis has fundamentally changed the way people interact with each other and within their communities. As restrictions are lifted, and the entertainment industry begins to reopen, social distancing and crowd management guidelines will impose new operational challenges. This webinar will explore ways the Sync Scoring and Management System can streamline operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency while providing a safe and fun entertainment experience.

Additional Resources