Gold Crown House Balls

A classic, with a modern twist. Today many retro remade products making lasting impressions and take us back to simple time. Brunswick could not be left behind, and requests for a simple black house ball continued to stream in. So, to fill the requests, Brunswick went back in history and rekindled the Gold Crown name plate.
Gold Crown Houseball Weight Engraving-0

Large Weight Indicators

Gold Crown House Balls are all black pearl urethane with gold engraving. If you're organizing your house balls by weight or showing a customer how to find the correct ball it's made simple, every ball is marked with a large font identifying the weight of each ball.

Gold Crown Houseball Size and Weight Engraving-0

Weight and Hand Size Indicators

Every Gold Crown ball is also marked by hand size as well as weight in the center grip area. A Cold Crown fitting ball with stand will be offered as a package to help fitting customers to the proper ball and weight and will round out the image of the new Gold Crown look in your center.