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Evolving the Customer Experience

OpenLane® is a custom mobile app that increases customer loyalty by making connecting with your center easier and more rewarding. OpenLane users can sign on to wait lists, track and share their score achievements, and access specials and coupons. At the lanes, guests can use the app to edit their names and photos within Sync games using Brunswick’s patented mobile scoring system integration.

Consumers today are accustomed to controlling their experiences from their mobile devices, whether traveling, shopping, or paying for their coffee. With OpenLane, your customers can make their experience their own while in your center.

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Loyalty Program

Another OpenLane innovation is its new loyalty program. Guests earn points for various achievements (games played, number of visits, etc.) and can earn points back, free games, coupons, and other rewards. Guests are rewarded for spending and interactions such as visit frequency, bowling in a league, inviting others to sign up for OpenLane, and other center-defined activities.

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Stat Tracker

OpenLane automatically tracks stats and scores for your bowlers, allowing them to review and share their time on the lanes. Whether they are a serious bowler or seriously love to brag, OpenLane creates a spot for bowlers to relive their glory on the lanes with customized scoresheets, detailed statistics, and easy-to-use sharing options.

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Waiting List

OpenLane allows guests to view your entertainment options and take their place on your waitlist, all while skipping the line. Guests can scan the different options and plan their time in your center by selecting the options that fit their schedule, all from their mobile devices.

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Embedded Membership Card

Your customers know your center, and now you can know your customers. The OpenLane app creates a digital membership card for customers that can be scanned for every purchase to earn or redeem points but also allows members to get on the waitlist or get their names on the lanes even faster.

Customize Your Lane

By combining the Vision UI and OpenLane, bowlers can connect their mobile devices to the scoring system. Bowlers can upload and edit their photos to the scoring system, displaying them as fun and engaging. Bowlers can connect their profiles with a simple one-click interface to update their name, photo, and more!

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