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The concourse is a center's first impression and often the landing place for guests. Whether friends or family are meeting to play or enjoying a pre-game meal or drink, your center is expected to provide comfortable, diverse seating. Let Center Stage™ furniture define your spaces with seating solutions that will make each visit to your center an experience.

Hangout Concourse Environment-0


This layout gives your concourse or lounge area a contemporary, modern feel. Create casual settings for guests to interact and relax in, while they enjoy fine food and beverages. Hangout offers great spaces for small to medium groups.

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Curves Concourse Environment-0


With Curves, you can create private spaces for multiple groups in your concourse or lounge area. The unique shapes and curves break up the room while adding a contemporary, modern feel. This layout is excellent for small, medium, and large groups.

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Xentricity Concourse Environment-0


Simple and open. This layout helps a smaller area look more prominent by giving guests an unobstructed view of your concourse area and lanes. The low benches are great for kids and give your concourse or lounge area a fun and unique feel as friends and families relax. Xentricity is perfect for small to medium size groups.

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Rendezvous Concourse Environment-0


A modern take on the booth design, with our high-back seats, this layout gives privacy to your guests. Create a space for an intimate evening rendezvous for fine food and drinks with family and friends. Rendezvous is excellent for medium to large groups.

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Echo Concourse Environment-0


This upscale seating layout creates clean lines through your concourse or lounge area. It provides an open feel while maintaining areas for guests to have their own space. Echo is great for small, medium, and large groups.

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Uptown Concourse Environment-0


Bring the comfort of a living room to your concourse or lounge area. This layout creates casual spaces for guests to relax and hang out while enjoying fine food and beverages. Bowlers can easily talk face-to-face while they watch the lanes. Uptown is perfect for small to medium sized groups.

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