Bowling is Big Business

110 million people bowl each year in over 150 countries worldwide. Companies are looking for venues and activities for their corporate events and millennials are seeking experiences over goods. Bowling is the perfect fit. It's a social gathering and group activity, which means adding bowling as a business opportunity perfectly positions you to profit from these global trends.


49% of participants purchase food while bowling.


Bowling is a $10 billion industry with global economic impact.


Bowling typically outperforms other retail businesses during bad economic times.


With a high margin and low fixed and variable costs, bowling revenue quickly flows to the bottom line.


Bowling is the #1 participatory sport in the U.S.


Both a 9-year-old and a 90-year-old have bowled 300s.

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Bowling has evolved into a year-round, multi-leisure activity that combines sport, recreation, and entertainment. With new technologies and the emergence of new business models, the bowling industry continues to grow in popularity and offer many opportunities for profit and growth. View our introductory New Center Development Brochure to learn more about bowling for your business.