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Brunswick pinsetters have long set the industry standard for performance and reliability, powered by technology that’s capable of growing with your center’s evolving business needs. Our pinsetters are designed to reduce labor requirements, enhance the guest experience, reduce the cost of ownership, and provide peace of mind.

Brunswick pinsetters are backed by our exceptional ongoing support and commitment to software-driven upgradability and innovation. Like all Brunswick products, our pinsetters come with unmatched installation, training, 24/7 tech support, service, and warranty from the biggest name in bowling. You can be assured that your pinsetters will perform the moment they are installed and for many years.


Boost ST isn’t equal to other string pinsetters—it’s far better. Boost stands alone with future-proof technology that delivers the flexibility and agility to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings, combined with durability for the long haul. Different by design, Boost incorporates advanced sport technologies to improve performance, safety, efficiency, and the bowler experience.

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The GS NXT sets new standards as the next generation of freefall GS Series pinsetters, featuring the industry's highest frames-per-stop (FPS) rating. Brunswick’s years of experience, advanced engineering expertise, and ability to integrate the latest technology have culminated in the most forward-thinking freefall pinsetter ever designed.

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Real-Time Machine Setting Control

The 360 Controller for GS NXT and Boost ST pinsetters provides real-time machine setting control and troubleshooting with a touchscreen system and user interface that’s easy to use, powerful, and versatile. Seamless integration with the Sync® scoring and management system and the Brunswick Cloud take center operations and maintenance to the next level. The 360 Controller features a design that allows endless updates in functionality and features. An intuitive, easy-to-learn touchscreen system and user interface for troubleshooting, paired with real-time machine setting control, make it easy to use, powerful, and versatile.

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Pronto is the indispensable center operations mobile app that notifies staff when bowling center equipment requires attention. This Brunswick exclusive saves staff time and ensures you get the best performance from your Brunswick products. Pronto simplifies and streamlines pinsetter maintenance with easy-to-understand error codes and troubleshooting guides, real-time pinsetter operational alerts, acknowledgment, and troubleshooting. Cloud-based data tracking allows access to critical performance reporting from anywhere.

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Brunswick’s exclusive on-demand pinsetting feature and integration of the Sync scoring system, available with GS-Series and Boost ST string pinsetters, lets bowlers enjoy games and league training features that require complex pin arrangements and mechanics. The myShot spare trainer lets bowlers pick and repeat attempts at a favorite spare pattern, making it perfect for expert and league bowlers who want to refine their techniques and competitive friends looking to challenge each other.

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