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Performance Index Overview

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Performance Index

Brunswick's Performance Index is a scientifically accurate rating system using the Specto Computer Aided Ball Tracking System. It not only classifies a ball's hook potential but also defines one of five different reaction shapes that it will fall into.

One of the key benefits of the Performance Index is that it helps you build a complete arsenal much easier. A bowler or pro shop can quickly identify the ball motion and strength of a particular ball they will need.

Performance Levels

Brunswick’s most advanced technology. The strongest core and cover combinations we offer.

Top performing balls offering great hook potential on a wide range of conditions.

Performance features with a wide range of reactions for bowlers of all skill levels.

Great performance with lower hook potential. Perfect for drier conditions and especially newer bowlers looking for a great value.

Great for first time ball purchasers or picking up spares.

Reaction Shapes

Balls that skid through the front part of the lane with the strongest change of direction down lane. Balls with higher numbers will have a stronger change of direction.

Balls that hook earlier on the lane providing more hook on oilier conditions or for bowlers with lower rev rates. Balls with higher numbers will have more overall hook.

Versatile ball motion that is useful across various lane conditions, usually a continuous and strong arcing ball. Balls with higher numbers will have stronger overall reactions.

Predictable, typically a smooth ball motion throughout the lane. Balls with higher numbers will have more overall reaction.

Low hook potential, typically a spare ball or useful on extremely dry conditions. Balls with higher numbers will be the straightest.

Reaction Shape Strength

The higher the number the stronger the reaction shape – with 1 being the least and 100 the most.