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Brunswick’s Warranty Resolution team is here to assist you in resolving your product issues. Our goal is to process your claim within one business day. We also prioritize all warranty shipments to minimize machine downtime.

The quickest and easiest way to file a warranty claim is to use our online warranty claim form. Simply fill out the form and press “send” to have your claim automatically entered into our warranty system. Your warranty claim will typically be processed within one business day. Once a Warranty Administrator has processed your claim, you will receive an email that will include a Warranty Claim Summary. The summary will show the reference number assigned to your warranty claim, list all products claimed, show the claim status, along with any special circumstances such as back orders, and include instructions for returning the defective product if required.

Questions? Once your warranty claim is submitted online, please feel free to reach out to the warranty department via email at

Toll Free: 800-937-2695

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Select either: Consumer (Bowling Balls), Aftermarket (Replacement Parts, Pins, Supplies, Lane Machines), or Capital (Sold under Contract).

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