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A Clear Vision to Enhance the Customer Experience

Brunswick's lane table interface is designed to be the most engaging and intuitive interaction point for your bowlers, displaying all that Sync® has to offer! Using best-in-class streaming services as inspiration, Brunswick has focused on the end-user experience by providing stunning visuals, experiences, and an optimized user flow that gets guests trying different games over 35% of the time. With the number of self-service menu options available to consumers today, your customers expect a fast and streamlined method to select their experience, call for a server, enter their email, connect their phone, and so much more. With Brunswick's patented ability to connect a mobile device, Vision™ UI allows your center to take the bowler experience to an all-new level.

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While Sync has so much to offer, you can still give your bowlers a simple way to choose the right experience. All the experiences within Sync have been categorized for greater visibility to allow your customers to try items for Family Fun Night or Something Different. Would you like to feature a specific game on Saturdays but a different one on Sundays? Vision™ UI gives you that customization as well!

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Sync lets bowlers use their mobile devices with their lanes! Vision UI allows bowlers to connect their mobile devices to customize their time on the lanes. Bowlers can upload their profile or funny photos from their mobile devices to personalize their experience. And they can pair Vision UI with the OpenLane app to create even more of a personalized experience!

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Customers are looking for an integrated and immersive experience. Let them onboard faster with Vision UI, selecting the games they want and getting right to the fun! As bowlers choose options at the lane, the same visual experience is presented on the tablets, along with your advertising and marketing information. Centers using Vision UI see greater sales from promotional ads offered during activity on the lanes.

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OrderNow Menus Boost Sales

Your menu never looked better! Vision UI allows bowlers to look through your menu options using OrderNow and select their favorite dessert or drink. If they aren't sure what they want, Vision UI allows your customers to call a server down for food and beverage recommendations quickly.

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