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Measure Your Marketing Efforts

With Sync Marketing, you no longer have to wonder if you’re wasting money on marketing, not knowing which efforts are working and which aren’t. Integrated tracking and deep analytics make it possible to measure precisely how your marketing efforts impact revenue and make informed decisions about your marketing spend. Detailed reports provide deeper insights into which messages, offers channels, and customer segments perform best. A consolidated, at-a-glance overview of all your marketing messages makes it easy to understand the total revenue (bowling vs. F&B vs. in-center spending) associated with each offer. Sync Marketing makes improving your strategy even easier with automated recommendations based on your top performers.

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Gain Insightful Analysis

Empower your marketing strategy with Offer Manager. Its intelligent automation collects data and produces meaningful analytics, giving you insights to drive your marketing, product offerings, and revenue growth. You can also leverage Sync CRM's customer insights to dispatch finely segmented, targeted offers based on individual customer interests or activities such as open bowling, league bowling, or group events.

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