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Diverse Models Cater to Global Boom

Bowling is booming worldwide, offering exciting opportunities for standalone entertainment venues and those seeking anchor attractions. If you're considering a bowling alley franchise or simply adding bowling to your offerings, here are four primary business models to help you understand the potential of this industry. Each model offers a unique focus and set of standard attractions.

Business Model Fec 1360X890-0


Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s) are designed to provide entertainment in the form of bowling and other venues such as arcades, laser tag, go-carts, bumper cars, and party rooms in addition to the venues found at traditional centers. The food offerings at FEC’s are enhanced to match the atmosphere and beverage service plays a strong role. Typical offerings include a snack bar, food court, and branded concepts.

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Business Model Boutique 1360X890-0


Boutique centers are focused primarily on entertainment and socialization with full service, upscale food, and beverage offerings. Bowling is the primary form of entertainment but is a smaller component of the business and is set in a contemporary, social atmosphere. Ancillary entertainment options are available such as live music, billiards, virtual/cyber gaming, and bocce as additional sources of revenue.

Business Model Traditional 1360X890-0


Primarily focused on bowling, these centers typically include a limited number of entertainment venues including a game room, billiards, pro shop, and bar. Beverages play a strong role and food is usually limited to snack bar options.

Business Model Hybrid 1360X890-0


Hybrid centers combine two distinct bowling venues (family entertainment and boutique bowling) with a multitude of complementary entertainment venues that range from arcades, indoor attractions to laser tag arenas. Marked by an enhanced food and beverage service and a more sophisticated service model, Hybrids are designed to cater to both families and an active adult market by offering two different environments under one roof. Hybrid centers are currently the fastest growing segment for new center construction along with boutiques.

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