Uptown Alley℠ Goes High Class With New Brunswick ColorFull™ Lanes

In the movie “Arthur,” the snooty butler puts down his master’s working-class girlfriend saying “one must normally go to a bowling alley to meet someone of your caliber.” But that crack makes no sense anymore. Many bowling centers today project a far classier, more sophisticated image – especially chic new boutique and hybrid centers that feature VIP areas as well as existing centers looking to modernize.

Take the new Uptown Alley in Surprise, Arizona. In addition to 30 all-purpose lanes, it has a swanky 10-lane boutique called The Approach. What really sets this room apart are its ravishing red oiled cherry lanes – one of the first installations of Brunswick’s new ColorFull lanes.

“The idea was always to make synthetic lanes look like natural wood lanes – so they all had a wood-grain pattern in maple or pine,” notes Brunswick product manager Susan Boven. “But with ColorFull, we can make your lanes look however you want – in virtually any color, or even like marble or granite.” ColorFull lanes come in several wood-grains including walnut and mahogany plus nine standard colors that are USBC® -approved, such as Silver Alumetal X, Vanna (pearlescent white) and Chicago Blues (retro turquoise blue). Or, choose from literally hundreds of other colors and textures, all available with Brunswick’s patented full-lane glow option.

With so many stunning looks, ColorFull lanes let you make any statement that you want to make…while leaving your customers speechless