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Not All Pinsetters Are Created Equal

Bowling is the #1 active entertainment activity in the world, with strong appeal across all demographics. Entertainment centers, restaurants, and arcades around the world are leveraging bowling and one of the best-selling brands to bring in real revenues and additional customer segments.

Stringpin Pinsetter - Pins - 1360x890-0

Boost ST String Pinsetters

Brunswick’s Boost ST string pinsetter incorporates advanced sport technologies to elevate performance, safety, operational efficiency, and the bowler experience. Different by design, the USBC-certified Boost ST is the only cloud-enabled string pinsetter built to last and adapt as business needs change.

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Pronto App - Real-Time Notifications-0

Pronto Center Operations App

The Pronto operations app provides your staff with real-time pinsetter operational alerts and troubleshooting, saving time and ensuring optimal performance from your pinsetter. Cloud-based data tracking allows access to critical performance reporting from anywhere.

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Nitro Pin Deck and Division Lighting-0

Nitro LED Lighting

Brunswick’s all-new Nitro LED Division Lighting and Pin Deck Lighting is the industry’s only cloud-based lighting system. Nitro features 759 individually programmable, multi-colored LED lights per division, displaying every color in the spectrum to create an immersive, center-wide light show. Fully loaded with explosive preset dynamic effects and shows, the user-friendly Nitro Show Manager lets you create your own custom program to set the mood, let bowlers celebrate strikes, spares, and other events, or celebrate holidays. Millions of possible combinations of light patterns, colors, speeds, and sequences are possible! Control lighting from the Brunswick Cloud using any device, including tablets and smartphones.

Boost Plug and Play-0

Sync® Magnus™

Sync® Magnus™, the latest release of Brunswick’s transformative center operating software, introduces an array of new and enhanced features developed to elevate the guest experience while improving operational efficiency and profitability.

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Time to Talk Bowling?

We’re ready when you are. Find one of our expert team members nearest you for your project or center care needs.

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