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GS Series Safety Guarding

Brunswick’s optional advanced safety guarding solutions with the latest state-of-the-art technology are designed to work with all new GS-X pinsetters and can be integrated on series GS-92 to GS-X.
Gs Series Safety Guarding Eye Beam-0

System Design Considerations

Designed by Brunswick engineers during thousands
of hours in consultation with workplace safety regulators,
expert pinsetter mechanics, and bowling center owners

Cellular design isolates the pinsetters to prohibit entry while
power is on, yet provides maintenance personnel with full and
convenient access once power is off

Gs Series Pinsetter Guarding Photo Sensor-0

Operational/Safeguard Advantages

Combination of photo-sensor light beams and interlock
switches immediately turn off power to the pinsetter when
a masking unit is lifted, when a rear access door is opened, or
when the pinsetter is approached from the front

Guards prevent access, yet allow maintenance personnel to
view all parts of the machine

System operations and diagnostics are accessible with
the convenient external rear controller

Optional front walkway allows convenient access to all
areas of the pinsetter once power is off

CE safety controller connects to all sensors and interlocks

Also compliant with the workplace safety requirements
of the European Union (EU)