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Lightworx Pin Deck Lighting

Lightworx LED Pin Deck Lighting features multi-colored lights and dozens of preset and custom programs that will take your Cosmic atmosphere to a whole new level. Each fixture contains 252 LED lights that display every color in the spectrum to bring life to the lanes from frame-to-frame.


• Easily change the look and feel of your center to create a new experience and take Cosmic Bowling to a whole new level
• Use to quickly convert part of your center to a hybrid party room
• The system comes preset with dozens of dazzling programs — which are added to regularly — and features multicolored lights with numerous preset and custom sequence patterns
• Each fixture contains 252 LEDs with nine programmable light clusters that display every color in the spectrum
• Fixtures have integrated microphones that can sync lights to music
• Requires only one independent power source for every 12–14 lanes and operates on very low power consumption
• Fixtures can be mounted to GS or StringPin Pinsetters in centers with Frameworx, Vector, or Sync scoring
• Fixtures can be self-installed in only 15–30 minutes per lane