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Labor Management

Wages/salaries are one of the largest costs in every center’s budget; at the same time, making and managing employee schedules has always been a tedious and tricky task. Sync addresses both these issues head-on with TimePro, the best labor management system ever incorporated into a bowling scoring and management system.


  • Easily develops work schedules to cover all center manpower needs while accommodating for each individual’s scheduling restrictions (days/hours each person can/can’t work, min/max hours per week/month that each individual can work, etc.).
  • Powerful analysis and reporting to flag potential and actual issues, including overtime, insufficient hours to comply with workers’ requests, absenteeism.
  • Seamless integration with optional time-clock hardware/so_ ware, reconciling schedules with actual hours worked by individual employees.
  • Real-time sales reporting for better labor cost management.