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Watch the Angry Birds Classic experience.

Keep Your Customers Entertained

Bowling is the #1 active entertainment activity in the world, with strong appeal across all demographics. Entertainment centers, restaurants, and arcades around the world are leveraging bowling and one of the best-selling brands to bring in real revenues and additional customer segments.

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Why Bowling? Bowling Is Big Business

110 million people bowl each year in over 150 countries worldwide. Companies are looking for venues and activities for their corporate events and millennials are seeking experiences over goods. Bowling is the perfect fit. It's a social gathering and group activity, which means adding bowling as a business opportunity perfectly positions you to profit from these global trends.​

The Benefits of Bowling:

  • Create a competitive advantage for your facility
  • Keep guests on site and entertained longer
  • Appeal to a wider demographic
  • Provide additional revenue streams
  • Provide something for the whole family
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Angry Birds Bowling

Angry Birds Classic comes to life with challenging play — and hours of replay — as players pursue greedy, egg-stealing pigs. Classic characters Red, Bomb and Chuck come to life in Brunswick’s interactive Angry Birds-themed bowling game. Players can take down the pigs’ structures by knocking down real-life bowling pins to score points throughout the game. Augmented reality bowling experience brings the entire experience to life.

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Entertain Your Guests With Duckpin Social

Duckpin Social is our new take on Duckpin Bowling, a ten-pin game popular throughout Canada and the Northeastern United States for more than a century. Duckpin Social bowlers use a smaller sized ball, without finger holes and each player is allowed up to three rolls per frame. Duckpin Bowling is easier and more approachable than traditional bowling. Like bowling, Duckpin Social appeals to young and old, drives food and beverage sales, keeps guests on the property longer, encourages repeat visits, and builds guest loyalty.

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Light It Up with Spark

Spark® is the industry’s first immersive, interactive scoring experience. Spark surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience as it delivers the latest technology and entertainment trends to your lanes. Spark engages every segment of entertainment seekers with software-driven technology and innovation that’s built for tomorrow but delivered today.

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Limited on Space? No Problem!

Traditional Tenpin

Epicenter™ from Brunswick Bowling brings bowling to spaces that can’t accommodate standard length lanes. Traditional Tenpin is available with reduced-length lanes and string pinsetters to fit any space and utilizes full-size balls and pins for an authentic bowling experience.

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Duckpin Social

Duckpin Social is easier and more approachable than traditional bowling. It features smaller sized ball, without finger holes and each player is allowed up to three rolls per frame.

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