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The Ultimate Experience Meets the Ultimate Rec Room

Host the ultimate game night in your very own home bowling center. Customization options are limited only by your imagination. Brunswick is the most trusted name in bowling, with products designed to look great and function reliably for years to come. We’ll help you build a space that delivers the ultimate wow factor and reflects your style and taste.

It’s All About You

You have a picture in your mind of the ultimate rec room. Now imagine seeing it come to life, just the way you envision it. Enjoy unmatched customization options on every element, from graphic lanes to masking units to furnishings, with your choice of virtually any color, any logos, any print images.

Comfort Meets Style

Inspired by residential furniture trends, Center Stage™ furniture provides comfort and style. Dining and seating options in hundreds of fabric and finish options can be arranged to complement any space.

Fun For All and All For Fun

Sync™ scoring is fun for all ages! Kids love games like EZ Bowling and Angry Birds™, while The Buzz and pinpix are great for groups of friends. MyShot helps competitive bowlers stay sharp, tracking performance and game stats and offering spare patterns for practice.

Experience is Everything

For more than 125 years, Brunswick® has known that the future of bowling, and the bowling experience, depends on the success of its partnership with owners like you. That’s why Brunswick is the world’s leader in bowling installation worldwide. Today Brunswick is the bowling industry’s premier full-line, full-service provider. And only Brunswick offers a complete and comprehensive network of products and services designed to assure homeowners like you with peace of mind.


Brunswick is the name that made the game; bringing the legendary heritage, luxury craftsmanship, and attention to detail to your own home. You’ll see why Brunswick is the #1 residential bowling company.


We know every home is unique. With expert installation, we can easily customize your design to reflect the theme of your home. Virtually every aspect of the installation can be personalized to your specifications. Let’s bring your vision to life!


We’ll help you realize your vision, and consult with you on furniture, monitor placement, and touch tablet placement that will maximize bowler comfort and enhance space functionality. Collaboration is the key and we are right there with you.


We understand the bowling installation process, and what’s unique about residential installation. From dimensions to electrical requirements, we’ll let you know what to expect. Our experience allows us to guide you so we do things right the first time.

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We're ready to help you build a space that delivers the ultimate wow factor and reflects your style and taste.

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