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MyBall™ House Balls

Liven up your center with Brunswick house balls. These bright, glow-in-the-dark bowling balls add color and excitement to any bowling environment. They are a great value and carry a two-year warranty (one-year for six, seven, and eight pound balls).

Features and Benefits

  • New formulation Brunswick house balls radiate with light for the ultimate glow-in-the-dark bowling experience!
  • Urethane balls available in 6 through 15 lbs
  • Strong enough to withstand young or unskilled bowlers
  • Available in seven drilling sizes as part of the MyBall System

Part Numbers

60-105544-9XX - Undrilled
- Drilled

15 lb. - Dark Blue Pearl Glow
14 lb. - Kelly Green Pearl Glow
13 lb. - Yellow Pearl Glow
12 lb. - Red Pearl Glow
11 lb. - Purple Pearl Glow
10 lb. - Orange Pearl Glow
9 lb. - Violet Pearl Glow
8 lb. - Sky Blue Pearl Glow
7 lb. - Fuchsia Pearl Glow
6 lb. - Lime Green Pearl Glow


Center Maintenance Catalog

Brunswick's comprehensive center maintenance products and supplies have been trusted by center owners for generations. Explore our maintenance supply catalog to find the next solution for your center's care needs.

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