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Connect 2.0

Performance Lane Conditioner

CONNECT 2.0 Lane Conditioner blends top-grade oils with a new and improved additive package for today’s competitive environments. CONNECT 2.0 is a medium-low lubricity conditioner with excellent durability that is optimized for medium to low friction surfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • 33.0 viscosity
  • 24.5 surface tension
  • Even, predictable pattern transitions
  • Consistent performance

Easily removed by all Brunswick lane cleaners.
ThroBot™ approved.
USBC approved.

Part Number

62-860171-005 - (4 x 1.25 Gallons)

Additional Resources

Connect 2.0 Safety Data Sheet

Global Harmonized System of Classification (GHS) Safety Data Sheet. Information is made available in PDF format. Languages available for the European Union (EU) and North America (NA).

Download SDS Sheets

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