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Intellishield Ball Return Guarding System

Intellishield improves efficiency and keeps guest safe using the system's patent-pending design to automatically shut off the ball lift if a foreign object enters the opening or if the ball rack is full.

Features and Benefits

• Intellishield improves center efficiency, provides added protection for your guests, and manages the number of bowling balls on your ball return
• Patent-pending design emits eight infrared light beams across the exit/opening of the ball lift to corresponding receivers
• Automatically shuts off the ball lift if a foreign object enters the opening or the ball rack is full
• Prevents injury by detecting fingers or hands entering the ball lift area
• Prevents overloading of the ball return that can cause balls to fall onto the floor (or a guest’s foot)
• Improves center efficiency by automatically restarting when the obstruction or extra ball is removed, with no staff intervention required
• Integrates with the SYNC™ Scoring and Management System, which reports how often the ball lift is shut off
• Compatible with the Frameworx® ball lift and 8.5" bowling balls

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