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The Story of Sync

The research and development behind the industry's most powerful scoring and management system.

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Bowlers' Journey

To guide Sync’s development, Brunswick invested over $2 million into a comprehensive study of the bowling business. We sought to better understand the challenges the industry faces, identify its best opportunities, and devise the most promising strategies for making your center busier and more profi table. Then we rolled all of this learning into Sync — the only scoring and management system designed to improve your business at every turn. In essence, we found that the success of every bowling center revolves around the quality of the customer experience it provides.

The customer experience cycles through four stages — and the surest way to improve your business is to improve customer satisfaction at every one.

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Bowler Experience

With over a dozen highly immersive scoring games and themes, coupled with state-of-the-art-hardware, centers are crafting an engaging, social, and customized experience for every bowler type.

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Advanced Technology

Intuitive technology meets cloud-based operations, offering business solutions for single centers and enterprises. Sync’s powerful, approachable user interface is accessible anytime, anywhere giving proprietors the tools they need to leverage their data.