Sync® Invicta™

The next generation of the Industry’s fastest growing scoring and management system.

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Modern. Intuitive. Innovative.

Sync® Invicta™, the next generation of Sync, is a software-driven innovation that is poised to keep guests on-site longer, returning more often, increase guest loyalty, help centers attract more group events and improve staff efficiency.

We have adopted an agile development strategy, releasing new platforms, products and enhancements on a regular basis. The enhancements within the Invicta release continue to deliver on Brunswick's vision to provide the ultimate bowler experience while driving profitability, reducing risk and making life easier for center owners.

With the release of Invicta, Brunswick is introducing a number of innovative new products specifically designed for each customer segment: open play, groups and league bowlers.

We encourage you to take the first step in joining the Sync Invicta family.

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Ultimate Bowler Experience

Vision™ User Interface, modeled after leading digital streaming and eCommerce sites, facilitates the discovery of new games based on past playing behavior. Vision UI clearly explains game rules and playing time, leading to less staff intervention and a more positive guest experience.

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Convenience and Loyalty

Open Lane®, a mobile app that increases customer loyalty by making it easier for customers to connect with their favorite bowling center. Users can sign onto waitlists for bowling, restaurants or other attractions, track and share scoring achievements, earn reward points based on spend and activity and access exclusive specials and coupons. Open Lane leverages Brunswick's mobile scoring control patent to create an experience that is exclusively available to Sync centers.

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Corporate Events

Rival Rumble™, a team competition, is designed to encourage participation and engagement across all skill levels. Rival Rumble uses high-resolution, engaging content to allow lanes of bowlers to compete as teams against one another.

Rival Rumble is a fantastic team-building game for corporate outings, and great fun for families, friends and other groups. To create the ultimate team-building experience, the game automatically presents bowlers with fun and creative individual and team awards at the end of the game - saving the center from having to manually offer awards.

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League Management Solutions

LeaguePals custom software provides a league management solution that simplifies the administration for center staff and utilizes the latest technology for today's bowlers.

This first and only cloud-based league management suite is integrated into Sync and lets users create leagues, manage rosters, make online payments and automate accounting. Bowling Centers have reported upwards of a 20% increase in bar and concession sales due to bowlers having more "cash" in their pockets from paying online.

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Making Innovation Our Mission

Brunswick is the industry leader in cutting-edge hardware and software technologies. We make it our mission to never slow down when it comes to innovation.

Our strong passion for the bowling industry and the success of our proprietors has led us to continue to push the limits.

Now it’s easier than ever to modernize with Sync® One™, a revolutionary monthly subscription service, available for only $99 or less per lane, per month. Explore the ever-growing features and functionalities integrated into Sync.

After all, it's how the game is ONE!

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