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Modernization is the catalyst that optimizes bowling centers for growth of revenue and customer bases.

Why Modernize?

To optimize bowling for their businesses, center owners are working with Brunswick to modernize their facilities to not just meet the expectations of today's bowlers, but to surpass them.


Being the entertainment venue of choice for customers means bowling centers have had to reevaluate their offerings to stay top of mind and attract guests from a breadth of demographics. In a landscape that's seeing less league bowlers and more leisure, in-center revenues are seeing a 50-50 split of non-bowling and bowling driving their bottom lines. Modernization is the catalyst that optimizes bowling centers for growth of revenue and customer bases.


Bowling has been revitalized. Today's centers are a far cry from the alleys you might remember. Not only because they’re implementing technology and styling with upscale furniture like the industry has never seen before, but because bowling is making its mark in industries bowling hasn’t gone before. The introduction of new business models in the family entertainment, cinema, casino, and hospitality industries is propelling the bowling industry's boom.


Technology is now an integral part of the bowling experience for both proprietors and bowlers. New solutions to innovate gameplay, center environments, operations management, and safety are changing business owners and guests in-center experience. Refreshing a bowling center's offerings and features is a key indicator for customers the dedication that proprietors have to their business' success and acts as a predictor of the good times they can expect at the lanes.


Partnering with the world's only full supplier of bowling equipment translates to your project's success. The Brunswick team is comprised of industry professionals who know and love the bowling business and want to see bowling centers make strategic decisions that are going to set proprietors up for success. Ready and able to guide your project from start to finish, we're here to provide the tools and resources needed for growth. Let's get rolling.

Sync® One™

Sync One is a monthly subscription program that bundles the industry’s only cloud-based scoring, management, and point of sale system, the Brunswick Cloud marketing system, the OpenLane™ loyalty app and 24/7 technical support, and includes lifetime software upgrades and lifetime equipment warranty. Sync One delivers all the proven benefits of Sync scoring and management, helping centers increase dwell time, repeat visits, F&B and group sales, guest satisfaction, employee efficiency, lane utilization and cost control.


Time to talk bowling? We’re ready when you are. Find one of our expert team members for your project or center care needs.