Bowling Vision Named Exclusive Distributor For Brunswick Products

Brunswick Bowling Products and Bowling Vision recently held a showcase and trade show during which the companies provided proprietors, lane technicians and pro shops with the latest information on how to operate a successful business and provide the best bowling conditions and equipment.

The showcase, held in Kettering, United Kingdom, was one of the largest bowling events to take place in the United Kingdom in recent years. More than one hundred participants from every segment of the bowling industry gathered to hear about and see the latest in bowling equipment technology and bowling center best practices.

Brunswick Bowling Products distributor, Bowling Vision, hosted the event and was joined by industry organizations, including bowlers from the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) and proprietors from the Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association (TBPA), plus ten other U.K. business partners to form the trade show.

Three separate activities ran throughout the day where proprietors listened how Brunswick Recreation Centers promotes its businesses in the United States, technicians were advised on providing and maintaining consistent lane conditions and pro shops were introduced to the latest Brunswick products and ball fitting techniques.

The culmination of the day’s event was when Brunswick Bowling Products President, Brent Perrier, announced that Bowling Vision would represent all Brunswick Bowling products, including capital equipment. Perrier commented, “Today’s event demonstrates Bowling Vision’s commitment to customer service. Their long-standing industry relations will serve them well in representing the full range of Brunswick products.”