Brunswick Bowling And Sports Challenge Network Form Alliance To Bring XBowling To Centers Worldwide

Brunswick Bowling and Billiards (Brunswick) and Sports Challenge Network, LLC (SCN) announced today that the companies have reached an agreement to work together to bring next-generation social mobile gaming technology to Brunswick’s bowling center customers worldwide. Brunswick has developed a custom interface for its industry-leading scoring and center management systems that will allow for the simple and quick integration between its Vector® and Vector Plus scoring systems and SCN’s revolutionary XBowling gaming platform. Brunswick and SCN are providing access to the XBowling platform at no incremental cost to the bowling centers and no fees for installation, training, marketing, technical support, and maintenance.

With real-time integration of scoring systems in over 300 bowling centers in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, XBowling is a social mobile application that offers bowlers an opportunity to engage in new types of gaming experiences at bowling centers around the world. Players can compete against each other in live head-to-head challenges while bowling in the same center or multiple centers around the country or the world, or compete against games previously bowled and “posted” on the XBowling network. Players can also enter solo challenges, such as XBowl Mania, Lotto Bowl, or Beat Your Average, competing to achieve a certain game or frame result. Players can win points every time they play through gameplay, skill, and social interactions, allowing them to build their XBowling leaderboard status and redeem accumulated points for great merchandise and sports gear through the App or the web. XBowling is currently available on Apple IoS and Google Android devices, via free downloads from the App Store and Google Play.

“XBowling helps bring the future to the bowling industry today,” said Brent Perrier, president of Brunswick Bowling Products. “Brunswick is excited to help bring the XBowling gaming experience to our customers worldwide. The XBowling platform, when combined with Brunswick’s latest products and technology, will provide a new level of entertainment and will bring more bowlers, more often, to our customers’ centers,” continued Perrier.

“We are honored to partner with a global industry leader such as Brunswick to bring our XBowling solution to a larger number of bowling centers and bowlers worldwide,” said Timothy J. Minard, founder and CEO of SCN. “The partnership announced today is only the beginning of our commitment to working with Brunswick to bring next-generation technology to the industry, and to substantially enhance the bowling experience for all ages and skill levels,” continued Minard.