Brunswick Bowling Makes Donation To Muskegon Heritage Museum

Brunswick Bowling has made a significant donation of an A2 pinsetter to the newly reopened Muskegon Heritage Museum.

With its recent donation of a working A2 pinsetter, built in the 1960’s, Brunswick Bowling has provided an interesting piece of its long history in Muskegon to the community’s Heritage Museum. This donation was made last winter, while the museum was closed, allowing an opportunity to install the machine into a new area of the museum. Now located within an area dedicated to Brunswick and its products, guests have their first opportunity to see this vintage A2 pinsetter.

Originally, this pinsetter was used for training purposes and located within Brunswick’s training school in Muskegon. With Brunswick an active and dedicated part of the Muskegon community since 1906, donating the A2 pinsetter to the Muskegon Heritage Museum was a natural fit, the Company explained.

“There is a tremendous connection between Brunswick and the Muskegon community. Many of the people in Muskegon have a tie-in to the Brunswick heritage. When I visited the Muskegon Heritage Museum, I knew immediately that this was a win-win situation for everyone, for Brunswick, for the Museum and for the community,” says Dave Rice, the director of worldwide service for Brunswick.

The curator of the museum, Anne Dake, is grateful for the pinsetter donation. “We are most delighted that not only can we show how this machine works from the inside and its working parts, but we are just thrilled that Brunswick made this donation possible and even installed this working pinsetter for our museum. This donation demonstrates Brunswick’s commitment to Muskegon, Brunswick’s enormous impact on the history of Muskegon and that they continue to have a tremendous presence within our community. Their generous donation is not only a gift to the museum, but a gift to the community,” Dake said.

The museum has additional bowling-related items on display. The museum’s mission is to create awareness of the heritage and industry that has been connected with the Muskegon area. Other items within the museum include an old steam engine, printing press, and tank engines.

The Muskegon Heritage Museum, located at 561 West Western Avenue, is open Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The Muskegon Heritage Museum is a non-profit corporation founded in 1973 to promote the enhancement of Muskegon’s Historic Resources. One of the MHA’s missions is to maintain a museum to show the economic, industrial and social history of the greater Muskegon area.