Brunswick Bowling Products Poised For Success

Q: Is Brunswick Bowling going out of business?
A: Absolutely not. We are not closing or going out of business. While for sale, Brunswick Bowling Products will remain part of Brunswick Corporation and will operate business as usual.

Q: What about the statement issued by Brunswick stating ‘the results of these businesses will be reported as discontinued operations’?
A: When a corporation announces plans to divest a division/business, it is a standard accounting practice to list that division/business as a “discontinued operation” when reporting financial results. Adjusting financial results this way provides a clearer picture of how a corporation’s ongoing operations may perform in the future.

Q: Does this announcement void my warranty, rebate, contract, etc.?
A: No. While for sale and under subsequent new ownership, Brunswick Bowling Products will honor all warranties, promotions, rebates and contracts.

Q: Why should I buy from Brunswick in the midst of this uncertainty?
A: Our current products – as always – are outstanding, and we will continue to invest in product development across the division while for sale and we believe the new owner will do the same. The Corporation recognizes the value of the Brunswick brand in the bowling industry and is willing to make the Brunswick Bowling brand name available to the buyer. The Corporation believes it would be in the best interest of the buyer to uphold the legacy, quality and service our customers have come to expect.

Brunswick Bowling Products is looking forward to continuing its leadership position in the industry, and the opportunities associated with new ownership. If you have any questions regarding these developments, please contact us at