Brunswick Bowling Reaches Milestone

Brunswick Bowling has reached a milestone and delivered 1000 lane machines with Direct+ Conditioning Technology to the bowling market.

Since its introduction in 2006, the state-of-the-art Direct+ technology has been delivered with 1000 lane machines worldwide. Our exclusive technology is used on the PBA Pro Tour to deliver industry-leading performance and accuracy these competitive bowlers expect. “Direct+ makes my job easier,” said Mark Sabatine, PBA lane man. “The board-by-board consistency is unmatched, I know exactly where the oil is going. It’s simple to make pattern adjustments, which comes in handy when tweaking the PBA patterns on the Tour.”

Brunswick’s Direct+ conditioning system has custom conditioner injectors that leverage fuel injection technology developed from Brunswick’s Mercury Marine division. These custom injectors provide precise application on the lane and are designed for over 150 million cycles without a change in output. Direct+ technology allows direct individual board-by-board application for superior pattern consistency.

Direct+ is featured in the Authority22 and Envoy lane machines, which are manufactured by Brunswick in the United States. For more information on Brunswick’s Direct+ technology and complete line of lane machines, click here.