Brunswick Introduces New Defy Lane Conditioner; Testing Proves Oil Patterns Last Longer

Brunswick Bowling has introduced an innovative new lane conditioner – one that helps conquer one of the biggest challenges that bowlers face – their shot breaking down too soon. The longer the oil pattern can hold up, the less often the bowler has to move. The new Defy lane conditioner stays in place longer providing a predictable and stable ball reaction that allows bowlers to make fewer, less drastic, adjustments as the pattern changes.

DEFY lane conditioner was created with a specialty blend of top grade oils and unique additives and has been proven through research and testing to provide unparalleled performance. With Throbot® testing, Brunswick’s computer-controlled hybrid machine which measures ball path consistency, Defy proved to last up to 30% longer than other conditioners. Compared to lane conditioners in the market today, DEFY’s enhanced flow-back characteristic reduces the impact of ball tracks through the heads while minimizing the movement of conditioner down lane to keep the shot more consistent.

“Defy is unique because of its rate of flow back,” said John Prokopec, marketing manager for Brunswick Aftermarket Products. “The conditioner flows back in the area that the ball crossed faster than anything else on the market. This is what allows bowlers to essentially stay in the same place longer. The pattern takes longer to break down, allowing bowlers to move less or as quickly.”

Click here for more information and to see Defy in action.