Brunswick Introduces Sync® One™, A Revolutionary Way for Centers to Drive Profits and Keep Up with Technology

MUSKEGON, Mich., February 3, 2020 – Brunswick Bowling Products has introduced Sync One™, a revolutionary way for bowling centers to update their scoring and management system by eliminating their biggest challenges: capital constraints, scoring and hardware obsolescence, increased business complexity, and the financial risks associated with large IT purchases.

Sync One is a monthly subscription program that bundles the industry’s only cloud-based scoring, management, and point of sale system, the Brunswick Cloud marketing system, the OpenLane™ loyalty app and 24/7 technical support, and includes lifetime software upgrades and lifetime equipment warranty. Sync One delivers all the proven benefits of Sync scoring and management, helping centers increase dwell time, repeat visits, F&B and group sales, guest satisfaction, employee efficiency, lane utilization and cost control.

“It’s never been easier to get ahead,” said John Roush, Brunswick vice president of capital equipment sales – North America. “We’ve lowered the upfront costs of Sync by more than 75 percent. Now, centers can operate the industry’s fastest-growing scoring and management system for $99 or less per lane per month. Once again, Brunswick’s leadership and innovation are bringing meaningful change to the bowling industry. With Sync One, Brunswick is able to offer every center in America access to the powerful scoring, management and marketing tools of Sync.”

“At Brunswick, we measure the success of our products by the ongoing value they provide our customers,” said Brandon Meigs, Brunswick senior director of product management and marketing. “Sync One eliminates the traditional capital investment needed for scoring, with Brunswick managing all hardware, software, support and system upgrades as a part of the Sync One subscription. It will be the last scoring system a center ever needs to purchase! It’s a total game changer for center operators.”

Sync One provides frequent updates, with new features rolled out several times each year. “Updates are automatic with no additional fee, making it easy for proprietors to stay up to date without surprise spending,” said Roush. “New releases help drive revenue increases and control costs with new entertainment, efficiency improvements, enhanced marketing automation and additional management capabilities.”

“Brunswick is dedicated to product innovation and committed to partnering with operators to help them achieve their business goals,” said Corey Dykstra, Brunswick CEO. “Centers can now upgrade to Sync without liens or personal guarantees, making it the quickest, easiest, lowest-risk path to increased profits.”

To learn more about Sync One, visit Brunswick Bowling Products

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