Brunswick Launches New Ball Line With Legendary Bowler Carmen Salvino

Brunswick has combined the industry’s best research and development with the scientific knowledge and expertise of a legendary bowler. The C•(System) 2.5 with Chemical Friction Technology (CFT) — the most unique, high-performance bowling ball introduced to the bowling industry in quite some time — is the result of extensive research, development, and lab and field tests conducted by Brunswick Bowling and PBA Hall of Fame bowler, Carmen Salvino.

Brunswick Bowling developed the C•(System) 2.5 with Carmen Salvino’s invention, Chemical Friction Technology (CFT) coverstock. Chemical friction, relates to the adhesion between two materials, as opposed
to mechanical friction, which relates to the physical interaction of their surface textures.

According to Salvino, CFT 2.5 coverstock allows the bowler to use a smoother surface and less mechanical friction, to create more ‘hook’ where it is needed, on the backend of the lane. With a smoother finish, the ball will skid through the front part of the lane more easily, preserving the rotational energy. The more rotational energy you can sustain, the bigger the backend. The CFT 2.5 coverstock’s unique additive formula absorbs oil quickly, providing a larger strike window on sport conditions than other balls with a similar hook potential.

“The coverstock was chemically designed to have shaped molecular structures to produce a high coefficient of friction,” said Salvino, who holds multiple patents related to bowling ball design. “Because of the shape of the molecule, when the ball goes into rolling friction at the back part of the lane, slippage is eliminated and the ball will provide maximum entry and carry. This is the advantage of chemical friction versus mechanical friction.”

Introduced and used by a number of bowlers during the inaugural Professional Bowlers Association’s (PBA) World Series of Bowling, the C•(System) 2.5 was the ball everyone wanted to try. During the intensive five-week-long WSOB recently held in Detroit, Mich., the C•(System) 2.5 was used during all the tournaments.

Rick Benoit, Brunswick Pro Staff coach, said the C•(System) 2.5 was the ball to have during the event. “It was the number one, high-performance ball that everybody wanted. Once they saw and heard how the ball performed, many of the bowlers participating in the event wanted to use it,” he said. “I’ve been on the tour since 1996 and I’ve worked with a lot of great balls, we have a winner. I have never ever seen a Brunswick ball do what this ball can do. Everything you are going to notice about this ball is down lane and through the pins.”

Fellow pros Diandra Asbaty, Sean Rash and Parker Bohn agreed. “This ball really drives through the pocket,” said Asbaty. “This ball makes the sharpest motion off the spot unlike any ball when there is oil down lane. It needs a place to make a right hand turn,” said Bohn, PBA Hall of Fame bowler. Finally, Rash commented, “I made two shows because of the C·(System) 2.5. I love it.”

The I-Block core used in the C·(System) 2.5, a low RG asymmetrical core, was engineered specifically for the CFT coverstock to create maximum forgiveness, and strong entry angles with versatile drilling layouts. The C·(System) 2.5 is the first in a series of Chemical Friction Technology balls.