Brunswick Recalibrates Its Lane Machine Channel To Get Closer To The Customer

Brunswick Bowling announced that beginning immediately its popular and innovative lane machines will be sold and supported in the U.S. and Canada through a select network of key distributors. These machines were previously sold directly by Brunswick aftermarket product specialists. The change was made to provide more localized support for the bowling centers that purchase and operate these critical pieces of equipment.

The Brunswick distributors who are participating in the program are: Striker Bowling, Bowling Sales of Canada, and Buffa (in Canada); Ace Mitchell, Bowler’s Supply, Bowling Supply, Classic Products, Complete Bowling Service, DiLaura Brothers, Gran Prix Bowling Supply, Jayhawk Bowling Supply, Schemm Bowling and Western Pacific Bowling Supply (in the U.S.).

“Brunswick’s superior, more technologically advanced lane machines give bowling centers an important edge,” said Corey Dykstra, vice president of consumer and aftermarket products. “By cleaning lanes more thoroughly and conditioning them more consistently and precisely, our lane machines create the conditions that make for higher scores and happier bowlers.”

Lanes machines – like all advanced machinery – do require a certain degree of upkeep and training for operators. By shifting sales and support of these machines to certified distributors, Brunswick has multiplied the number of service points and improved its responsiveness to individual center owners. The participating distributors are extensively trained on all Brunswick lanes machines. And in addition to consumable supplies such as lane conditioners and cleaners, which they stocked before, distributors will now also carry lane machine spare parts.

The move coincides with the wide market launch of the Brunswick Envoy, the most sophisticated and versatile lane machine now available. Like the Brunswick Authority22, the Envoy features the patented Direct+ Conditioning system that applies conditioner directly and precisely to the lane through 32 computer-controlled spray injectors. New for Envoy is FlexPower, the option to power the machine cordlessly with one of two battery types or with AC power. The machine’s six-button Graphical User Interface makes it easy to program and operate. Finally, the Envoy boasts a unique V-shaped squeegee design that works to scrub the lane more thoroughly in its cleaning mode.

“Brunswick has always offered excellent lane machines. Envoy takes that up another notch,” said Dykstra. “And now we’re improving the way we get these machines into our customers’ hands, as well as the support they get from there on out. We hope this helps more centers across North America take a look at the advantages that the Envoy and Authority22 can give them.”