Brunswick Rolls Out Major Center Network System Upgrade

Brunswick will debut Version 5 of its industry-leading Vector® Plus center network system at the 2011 International Bowl Expo beginning on June 29. The update will include significant enhancements that help bowling center proprietors improve cash management, simplify in-center marketing and further enhance the entertainment value of the bowling experience. Vector Plus 5 will ship standard to all new Vector Plus customers, and is available as an upgrade for users of previous versions.

“We have paid close attention to our customers’ wish-lists and entertainment trends and have made the industry’s best center management and scoring system even better,” said Brunswick Bowling Products President Brent Perrier. “The centers that have tested Vector Plus 5 are very pleased – both for its improved dollars-and-cents functionality and its increased pizzazz factor. We’re confident the latest version of Vector Plus is going to be a big hit with our customers.”

With Vector Plus 5, Brunswick is introducing a completely redesigned bowler’s on-screen interface that is attractive, bold and cutting edge. The new design aesthetic, combined with uChoose Theme Selection and Media Manager, significantly enhance the entertainment value and marketing capabilities of the scoring system.

uChoose Theme Selection includes new scoring features that will add to the enjoyment of bowling at centers where it is installed. Bowlers can pick a theme at any time during the game and it is instantaneously displayed on the lane’s monitors. Numerous themes are available, including the new kid-pleasing Jungle Jive, Cosmic Crush and BPAA’s Bowlopolis themes.

uChoose Media Manager sports a powerful suite of new tools designed to enhance the creativity and impact of bowling center marketing. With it, owners can easily create commercials and customize almost any aspect of the scoring system using standard file formats – an industry exclusive. This user-friendly system requires no specialized computer-graphics proficiency. Yet it enables centers to create highly professional-looking promotions for their own products, as well as ads they can sell to outside businesses.

Vector Plus 5 also includes significant enhancements to the management system – perfect for centers that desire to maximize control over their system. In addition to new cash controls and management features, centers will have the option of requiring servers, bartenders and other personnel to use employee ID cards to access the system.

Brunswick introduced the first automatic bowling scorers in 1967. The latest version of Vector scoring along with Vector Plus 5 strongly reflect the company’s continuous leadership and ongoing commitment to developing innovative products that set the pace of both the game and the business of bowling.