First-Time Proprietor Making The Most Of His Spare Time

Ask Michael MaColeman why he got into the bowling business and he will tell you he “flunked retirement.” But one quickly gets the sense that this personable former loan officer will do just fine from now on in his Spare Time – the classic Lansing, Michigan bowling center that he completely renovated and is reopening in June. The first thing Michael did was tear out nine of the original 40 lanes and convert the center into an FEC with a two-story laser tag arena, new restaurant/bar and an arcade redemption area. Spare Time looks to pick up action from casual bowlers, families and students from Michigan State University just a mile away.

The center also sports an eight-lane boutique area called The Capital Room for private parties and other events. Spare Time is loaded with top-of-the-line Brunswick gear including Vector® Plus scoring and management, Striking Line® furniture, new masking units and Cosmic Bowling® lighting & sound. First opened in 1962 as Holiday Lanes, the center’s Brunswick lanes and A-2 pinsetters still work just dandy and didn’t need replacing. But for anything he did need new, Michael went straight for Brunswick gear. Why? “Because they are bowling,” he explains in his wonderful no-words-wasted way. We appreciate the plug, and wish Michael all the best is his un-retirement.