Australia's 'Largest Fun Provider' Chooses Leading-Edge Brunswick Bowling Technology

MUSKEGON, Mich., August 3, 2023 – Australia’s Strike Bowling, owned by Funlab, is upgrading its service model by installing Sync Service Kiosks at its newest center. Brunswick Bowling has partnered with Strike on all its 21 locations, with additional locations in the works.

“We’ve always counted on Brunswick to deliver the highest-quality products, leading-edge technology, and exceptional customer service,” said Ben Wild, Funlab Chief Technology Officer. “We’re excited about the operational efficiencies and enhanced guest experience that will be made possible by Sync Service Kiosks.”

Strike’s latest location in eastern Melbourne brings the fun to Chadstone, Australia’s largest mall. Designed to evoke a train depot, Strike Chadstone features eight Brunswick lanes, a cocktail bar, and a gourmet kitchen. All Strike locations operate Brunswick’s Sync scoring and management system (or are upgrading from legacy Brunswick systems). The Chadstone location will also be the first to incorporate five Sync Service Kiosks to empower guests to build and purchase their personalized in-center experience.

All Funlab venues, including Strike, pride themselves on providing “hospitality-driven entertainment” and know their staff members have a key role to play in ensuring an exceptional guest experience. Still, in a country with the world’s highest minimum wage, reducing staff intervention wherever possible is key. Given that today’s consumers prefer self-guided experiences using kiosks and their phones, Sync software and kiosks are the ideal solution for delivering the kind of technology guests expect, while increasing proprietor revenue and profitability.

A typical guest experience at a Sync Service Kiosk-equipped center like Strike Chadstone might go like this: A group of guests books a lane or activity using a kiosk (or beforehand using a PC, tablet, or phone). They receive an instant text message letting them know when their lane or activity will be ready. Another text alerts them when it’s time to grab their bowling shoes and head to their lane. The lane is issued and, if the guests have reserved Spark immersive bowling, their experience begins automatically—all without staff intervention.

For Strike Chadstone, Brunswick developed a unique Spark theme that takes bowlers on an exhilarating virtual train ride, in keeping with the center’s train depot theme. With train tracks projected on the lanes, bowlers ride the rails through snowy mountains and other terrain as their ball rolls down the tracks. Sync’s complete library of games and scoring experiences is also available to Strike guests.

Thanks to Sync’s fully automated, integrated features and the Sync kiosks, staff are freed up to focus on making guests feel special and welcomed.

“Guests are used to automation and using kiosks at restaurants, the airport, even the doctor’s office,” said Scott Meier, Director of Software Solutions at Brunswick. “We’ve worked extensively with the Funlab team and other customers to create that same type of service model specifically for the family entertainment space. It’s all part of what makes Brunswick the undisputed leader in the industry, with technology and product development that’s second to none.”

“While the service industry will always rely on people, there are many steps in the customer journey that can be automated, allowing staff to do the important work of taking care of guests,” Meier added. “The automation that we’ve been able to deliver at Chadstone is groundbreaking, and we’re seeing the dawn of a new age in the entertainment industry. Sync and Sync Service Kiosk make it all possible.”

Strike is part of the Funlab family, the “largest provider of fun” in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Funlab’s eight brands and more than 44 locations feature bowling, escape rooms, laser tag, mini-golf, dodgem cars, arcades, augmented darts, interactive games, and more.


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