Grand Prix New York Revs Up The Action With Spins Bowl Addition

Grand Prix New York, located in Mt. Kisco, NY, is not your typical go-kart place. These cars race at 40 to 50 mph. Drivers must wear helmets and neck collars. The two indoor tracks can be joined to form a half-mile long loop. And since November, GPNY visitors have been able to keep the good times rolling at the new Spins Bowl located under the same huge roof.

Owner Jim Diamond saw an opening to bring bowling to Mt. Kisco, which had no centers then. After attending the Brunswick Showcase in January 2009, he decided to open a hybrid center to appeal to a broader demographic as well as cater to private parties and corporate events with an upscale VIP area.

Brunswick configured 19 lanes to optimize space usage and tie-in closely with the racetracks, bar and Fuel restaurant. There are 12 lanes for everything from recreational to league bowling for all ages; plus a private 7-lane VIP area decked out with leather furniture and exclusive lane-side dining. Topping it all off is an incredible “pin cloud” suspended over the main seating area, made of 670 real bowling pins hanging at different heights from aircraft cables and lit with pulsating LED bulbs.

“Grand Prix New York took an already-popular attraction to a whole new wow-level with Spins Bowl,” commented Brunswick new business consultant Eric Lindfors. “We’re thrilled they choose to go with Brunswick, and I think we did them very proud.”