India's Shott Amusement Choosing Brunswick Bowling for Innovation & ROI

MUSKEGON, Mich., September 4, 2019 – As the sport of bowling gains popularity in India, proprietors are discovering the excellent return on investment it can provide. One such proprietor is Smeet Shah, COO of Shott Amusement in Surat, Gujarat, India. Shott operates three centers in Gujarat, with amenities including bowling, go karts, rope course, virtual reality games, cricket simulator, arcade games, food and beverage service, and more.

“Though bowling is an expensive purchase, we operate with a great return on investment,” said Shah. “Overall annually profitability of the game is always positive. Food and beverage sales get a big boost from bowling, as people book private parties and love to have something to eat while playing the game.”

Brunswick’s Sync® scoring and management system contributes to Shott’s success with bowling.

“Sync has amazing features for both the consumer and the operator,” said Shah. “Sync provides tools for promoting offers and deals. Guests can order food and beverages with just a click, which also helps increase business. Sync offers clear records of game counts and frames played, which makes it easier to tally the sales.”

Sync is scoring big with Shott customers, too. “Customers in India have not seen such a technology in bowling centers before, so installing Sync gives us an edge over other operators,” said Shah.

“Customers love that they can change the graphics, and they also like having their score sheet delivered to their email address after each game,” Shah said. “The ability to reach guests through their smartphones and other devices helps increase awareness, drives traffic and encourages repeat visits.”

“Sync is easy for staff to use, which improves service and makes turnaround time quicker, thus impacting our sales in a positive way. We use Sync as our point of sale, since it works well with Intercard (debit card technology).”

Early on, the team at Shott Amusement was approached by several suppliers, ultimately choosing Brunswick as its bowling partner. “The Brunswick team has always been supportive. I would recommend Brunswick products and services for long-term reliability,” said Shah. “And the after-sales service provided by CSML, Brunswick’s distributor in India, has been top-notch.”

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