Modernization Of Milwaukee Bowling Center Proves To Be An Olympic Feat

If they gave gold medals for persevering through remodeling projects, David Bardon, owner of Olympic Lanes in Milwaukee, should get one.

He began modernizing his center in 2008 but soon ran into several hurdles posed by the original design. The snags were serious enough that Bardon had to ditch the original plans and change the scope of the project. But since then, thankfully “things have gone very smoothly,” says Bardon, with the last of three construction phases set to wrap up in September. The center stayed open throughout the renovation, closing just a third of their lanes at a time.

The new Olympic Lanes boasts a 10-lane boutique area plus 25 lanes of traditional bowling – making it the only hybrid model center in the market. The center also upgraded to a full suite of the latest Brunswick gear, from Vector® Plus scoring and POS system to new ball returns and 10 oiled cherry lanes in the boutique area. “I’ve been a Brunswick customer for over 13 years and built up a very trusting relationship,” says Bardon. “Brunswick people were right there with me the entire way,” through the thick and thin of the remodel. “They really care about making the project work long term, not just selling the equipment and leaving.” Congratulations, David. And thanks for putting us on your team.