More Fun Is The Main Attraction At Main Event Entertainment™

Dallas-based Main Event Entertainment is now open for business in the Alamo City, making it the company’s tenth location in Texas. “We’re taking fun to a whole new level to become San Antonio’s premier ‘Eat. Bowl. Play.’ destination,” says Jeff Wagner, district manager at Main Event.

That explains the exhilarating gravity ropes course that crisscrosses high above, inviting guests to scamper through the rafters. Main Event’s insistence on providing first-class fun also tells you why they selected Brunswick Anvilane™ and GS-X™ pinsetters. Anvilane was chosen for its patented edge-to-edge glow effect along with a “proven track record of durability and high scoring,” says Brunswick rep John Roush. Also, with Main Event in such a growth mode, “they need pinsetters that run at a very high level right out of the box. They can’t afford to mess around with fussy gear during the critical opening phase of a new center – especially not while they’re busy planning future locations.” In fact Main Event is slated to expand beyond the Lone Star State starting in 2013.

Apparently even Texas isn’t big enough to contain so much fun.