Open Letter To The Bowling Industry

Dear Brunswick Customers and Partners,

Last week, Brunswick Corporation announced an agreement to sell its U.S. retail bowling centers to Bowlmor AMF and, as a result of that action, its intention to sell its global bowling products business.

We understand that this news could raise concerns among our loyal customers and partners, and we want to assure you that the Company is in very strong financial health, and that we believe that any sale will continue the Brunswick legacy into the future.

We further understand there are lingering questions in the bowling industry about our intention to sell Brunswick Bowling Products. Some customers are concerned that their warranty may not be valid under new ownership. Some customers are concerned that sales contracts that are either signed or tendered may not be valid under new ownership. Some customers even seem to think that Brunswick Bowling Products is closing the doors and will cease to exist as a company in the future.

We will address these concerns directly. As in any change of ownership for an ongoing business, warranties and contracts will be maintained. And, in terms of closing our doors, nothing could be further from the truth. Our business is strong and profitable. Our situation is not the case of an underperforming division being sold, but rather the potential transfer of a successful and vital business that is the most recognized and respected brand in the bowling industry.

Following our announcement last week we will continue to operate Brunswick Bowling Products as we always have, bringing new products to market and serving our customers and their businesses. We believe a suitable buyer for this business will do the same well into the future.

The Brunswick brand has such a strong and prominent presence in the market today that any buyer will value linking bowling products to a Brunswick brand that has meant so much to the industry since 1890. Since Brunswick Corporation will retain the name Brunswick it is important that any buyer selected will adequately represent and value our business going forward.

In the meantime, nothing changes when it comes to our relationship with all of our loyal customers and partners—it is strictly business as usual. Brunswick remains committed to the success of our customers and to the industry, and will operate the business until a suitable and responsible buyer steps forward to carry on this proud legacy.

Thank you for your loyalty over the years and we invite everyone in the industry to join us as we lay the path for success for the next 100 years.


Brent Perrier

President, Brunswick Bowling Products