Red Stick Social Breathes New Energy Into Old Building, With Help from Brunswick

MUSKEGON, Mich., September 16, 2019 – It wasn’t easy, but the developers of Red Stick Social were determined to bring bowling to their new entertainment venue in the 103-year-old former Baton Rouge (LA) Electric Company/Energy plant.

“Our installation was one of the most difficult performed by Brunswick,” said Red Stick Social owner Robert Lay. “We basically had a fully customized lane design and installation based on the incredibly unique challenges of our building, which is historic and multiple levels. We were a difficult customer from start to finish, and Brunswick stood with us the entire way. I give them credit for doing a great installation in a very challenging set of circumstances. I recommend Brunswick to other operators without hesitation.”

The historic building now boasts five levels and more than 30,000 square feet of usable space, offering 10 lanes of Brunswick bowling (including a four-lane VIP space), a full-service restaurant, two bars, and a large live music venue. The facility, which opened in April 2019, can accommodate more than 600 people, making it one of the largest event spaces in Baton Rouge.

There are significant advantages to having bowling as an anchor attraction, according to Lay. Bowling attracts all age groups and demographics, and is relatively easy to maintain, with low labor costs. Red Stick Social chose Brunswick’s StringPin pinsetters for lower maintenance and labor costs.

Lay has advice for anyone new to the bowling business. “Even if you think you know the answer, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get input,” he said. “Always be willing to learn and try new things, even things that might be unconventional or counterintuitive. The food and beverage industry is changing at an incredibly fast pace and operators must be sure to stay ahead of the curve so they always provide a guest experience worth coming back for.”

Red Stick Social incorporates much of the building’s original structure, including a 20-ton overhead gantry crane that now supports lighting above the stage. The venue is the anchor tenant of Electric Depot, a mixed- use development that will soon be home to apartments, offices and retail space, and additional restaurants.

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