Revenues Heading Up, Up, Up At Latitude 30

With decades of experience in real estate, investment banking and more, Latitudes Global partners Brent Brown and Damon Brush sure know the way to a successful business venture.

Their latest is Latitude 30, a dazzling multi-entertainment complex they opened in Jacksonville, FL in Dec. 2010. Latitude 30 bills itself as “one location, endless possibilities,” offering 20 lanes of boutique bowling plus an upscale restaurant, vibrant dance club & bar, redemption arcade, dine-in HD theater, and Vegas-style comedy/live music theater all under one roof.

Next up is Latitude 39, which closely mirrors the original location’s concept and offerings, now being built in Indianapolis, IN. The blitz is on to open Latitude 39 during the 4th quarter of 2011, in time to get in on the action for Super Bowl XLVI being held in Indy on Feb. 5, 2012. And just for good measure, the group also plans to open Latitude 42 in Pittsburgh, PA in late 2012.

Brunswick is proud to be in on the ground level with these venues. Through our alliance business partner Trifecta Management, we’ve been involved in everything from concept development to construction, as well as being the primary supplier of bowling equipment and furnishings. “Each location presents its own challenges since all three started with existing buildings that have posts or elevations that don’t always make life easy,” noted Eric Lindfors, New Business Consultant for Brunswick Bowling. (The Jacksonville location was formerly a Toys R Us, while the Indy location was a multiplex cinema.) “But we like challenges. And we love working with people like Brent and Damon who are so good at seeing around obstacles to create exciting new businesses,” Lindfors added.