Brunswick Bowling has announced the release of Sync® Invicta™


MUSKEGON, Mich., May 17, 2019 – Brunswick Bowling has announced the release of Sync® InvictaTM, the latest generation of Sync® Scoring and Management System — the fastest-growing scoring and management system in the industry.

Brunswick partnered with proprietors to develop Sync with the mission of addressing their biggest challenges: specifically, to drive traffic, extend length of stay, increase spend per visit, and drive repeat visits by providing leading-edge, interactive entertainment, added convenience, and greater variety than ever.

The Invicta release continues to deliver on Brunswick’s vision of creating the ultimate bowler experience while driving profitability, reducing risk, and making life easier for center owners.

“Sync is the clear innovator,” said Scott Meier, Brunswick Bowling Products, Global Product Manager — Scoring and Cloud. “We have adopted an agile development strategy — releasing new platforms, products, and enhancements on a regular basis, oftentimes in response to customer requests for various features or to help centers better manage their businesses. From automated marketing and games to full-service POS and back-office support, Sync does it all. Sync Invicta is software-driven innovation designed for tomorrow, delivered today.”

Sync Invicta is poised to keep guests on-site longer and returning more often; increase guest loyalty; help centers attract more group events; and reduce the need for staff intervention, according to Scott Meier, Sync product manager. Sync Invicta will be rolled out as an automatic software upgrade to existing Sync customers and made available to new centers in June.

With the release of Invicta, Brunswick is introducing a number of innovative new products specifically designed for each customer segment: open play, groups and league bowlers.

Sync Invicta introduces a modern, intuitive user interface.

“The new VisionTM User Interface makes it easy for bowlers to explore all that Sync Scoring has to offer. We modeled Vision UI after the leading digital streaming and eCommerce sites consumers are interacting with every day,” said Meier. “These platforms do a great job of suggesting items you might be interested in based on your previous browsing behavior. In a similar way, Vision makes suggestions about other games for guests to play. With the Vision interface, Sync does even more to entice guests to stay on the lanes longer, and to return more often.”

Vision clearly explains game rules and playing time, reducing the need for staff intervention. If guests have 15 minutes left in lane time, they know which game they can play during that time, leading to a more positive guest experience.

The Invicta upgrade also includes Open Lane®, a mobile app that increases customer loyalty by making it easier and more rewarding for customers to connect with their favorite bowling center. The Open Lane app can be used by any Sync center and features the facility’s brand front and center in the app. Open Lane users can sign on to waitlists for bowling, the center’s restaurant or any other attraction; track and share their score achievements; earn reward points based on spend and activity; and access exclusive specials and coupons. At the lanes, guests can use the app to edit their names and photos within Sync games, using Brunswick’s patented mobile scoring system integration.

“There’s a significant depth and breadth to the level of loyalty rewards that guests can unlock,” said Meier. “Open Lane encourages guests to spend more, visit more, and stay longer by rewarding them not only for spending, but also for interactions such as visiting frequently, bowling in a league, inviting others to sign up for Open Lane, and playing Sync games.”

“We know how important social media reviews are for centers,” said Meier. “Open Lane encourages guests to leave a review on Facebook or Google before they even leave the center. Getting those reviews while guests are engaged is key.”

Also new to Sync Invicta is Rival RumbleTM, a team competition developed on the concept of golf’s best ball, designed to encourage participation and engagement across skill levels. Rival Rumble features high- resolution, engaging content to allow lanes of bowlers to compete as teams against one another. As with best ball, only the player with the best score in each frame counts toward the cumulative team score.

“Rival Rumble is a fantastic team-building game for corporate outings, and great fun for families, friends, and other groups,” said Meier. “Whether it’s a few friends on two lanes or a group renting the entire center, Rival Rumble offers friendly competition for all skill levels. To create the ultimate team-building experience, the game automatically presents bowlers with fun and creative individual and team awards at the end of the game — saving the center from having to do so manually.”

Brunswick is also excited to introduce a modern solution league management through a partnership with LeaguePals. LeaguePals is the first and only cloud-based league management platform for league scoring, online payments, and accounting. LeaguePals streamlines league tasks to save centers time while providing a modern league experience to attract new customers and engage returning bowlers.

“LeaguePals frees up cash in bowlers’ wallets to spend on other things, like food and beverages, inside the center,” said Meier. “This cloud-based league management suite is integrated into Sync and lets users create leagues, manage rosters, make online payments, and automate accounting.” LeaguePals can set up recurring payments, send prize funds via direct deposit or check, and send email and push notifications. Modernizing the league experience keeps players engaged.

Sync is well established as the industry’s first choice in innovation, guest satisfaction, reliability, and customer support. That’s why it’s installed in a wide variety of facilities, including small bowling centers; 60,000 square-foot bowling entertainment centers with multiple attractions; restaurants, and even large entertainment complexes that don’t offer bowling.

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