Sync Scoring and Management's Powerful New Upgrade Adds Powerful Automation and Center Operations Features

MUSKEGON, Mich., October 16, 2023 – Brunswick Bowling has announced the latest upgrade to Sync® Center Operations, the fastest-selling scoring and management system in the bowling business. Sync Magnus features 500 powerful new enhancements including new automation features in office functions, analytics, POS, Sync Service Kiosk, mobile tablets, and Spark.

“Sync Magnus addresses proprietor requests and industry trends, including staffing shortages and rising labor costs,” said Scott Meier, Brunswick director of software solutions. “Developed through Brunswick’s unique collaborative approach with proprietors, Sync Magnus provides more strategic automation than ever. By ensuring seamless transaction processing, efficient lane assignment, and personalized customer experiences, Sync Magnus drives additional revenue, prioritizes people, and streamlines operations that protect, preserve, and improve the customer experience.”

Sync Magnus also helps proprietors automate key marketing functions, harness data for making business decisions, provides a powerful platform of management tools, and is the only bowling system built on leading-edge, cloud-based technology.

Business-building automation that addresses staffing challenges
Sync Magnus revolutionizes the guest experience with on-demand services that create a personalized in-center journey. The entire bowling purchase process is automated, from taking an online or in-center Kiosk reservation through sending waitlist updates to issuing the lane when it’s ready and moving guests to and from different attractions. The efficient system handles tasks equivalent to 2-3 staff members during peak times, helping to offset labor issues and improve overall guest satisfaction.

Sync walks the customer through every step of the process, driving revenue and cross-selling while staff are freed up to solve problems and focus on ensuring an exceptional guest experience.

Sync’s business-building features drive incremental revenue by enhancing existing income streams and supporting new opportunities. Multiple on-demand service options make it convenient for guests to purchase activities, food, and beverages whenever the mood strikes, no matter where they are. Online Ordering simplifies the implementation of a successful takeout business, Online Reservations increase lineage, and Sync Service Kiosk increases average spend per visit.

Enhanced guest experience
Sync Magnus empowers to arrange bowling, food and drink, game cards, and attractions. Bowlers are given immediate access to specials ads and menus, and able to send text messages to the front desk when a ball is stuck or they want a server to come to their lane. The Sync Service Kiosk minimizes wait times, optimizes ordering, enhances accuracy, and provides strategic upselling, using captivating digital displays to attract customers.

Streamlined operations and insightful analytics
Sync's front-of-house suite of tools streamlines operations across the venue. Sync's robust management capabilities extend from guest and labor management to bowling center and bar & restaurant operations. An informative Lane Status Dashboard, integration with cashless systems, on-demand ordering via OrderNow, and comprehensive restaurant management tools ensure seamless service delivery and efficient operations.

Data is power (and profits) when harnessed by Sync Magnus. Proprietors can quickly call up at-a-glance vignettes to compare one period to another, discover which attractions are most profitable, determine which employees generate the most sales (or voids), or see how one center performs versus another. Sync makes reports easy to access from anywhere, anytime, via the Brunswick Cloud.

Making proprietors’ lives easier
“Sync Magnus—like all Brunswick product innovation—is designed to make proprietors’ lives easier, increase their profitability and competitive advantages, lower their risk, optimize staff efficiency, and delight their guests,” said Meier. “Brunswick continues to partner with proprietors on Sync upgrades and new features, with the mission of addressing their biggest challenges while providing a superior experience for everyone in their center.”

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